Pressure Washing

Mold, algae, moss, dirt, grease, animal feces and foot traffic… they all have one thing in common…they’re gross. Luckily, they can all also be removed with a proper pressure washing.


We offer pressure washing services to commercial customers in York, PA. Our equipment allows us to reach up to 2 stories.

We clean many surface types: concrete, vinyl siding, brick, composite, aluminum and wood, just to name a few. Specialized detergents are used for each situation and surface type. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Each location is first evaluated for safety and is then determined whether or not pressure washing would be an appropriate solution to the issue. We then work together with you to develop a plan that is appropriate to your needs and help provide a solution to get your exterior surfaces looking their best again.



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We service all of York County and parts of the surrounding areas. Our pressure washing service (or as some people say, power washing) is offered to business owners for commercial cleaning.


We have the experience and the right equipment to get your business cleaned up and looking it’s best!


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